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Excl. TAX: € 391.74 Incl. TAX: € 474.00

Quick Overview

  • Prevents ground loops
  • Star wiring configuration
  • Improves all A/V systems
  • 9 Ground connections
  • Comes with 3 free Ultra Ground Connects,
    RCA, RCA Clip under and Spade
  • all Ground Connections available on request:
    RCA, XLR-male, XLR-female, USB-A, USB-B, spade, mini spade, RJ45, BNC, DIN...


Ground Line Master Router

When used in conjunction with the Ground Master provides a perfect star ground between all your stereo components. Provides the shortest and most coherent route to a common star grounding point for all of the signal grounds of components forming an audio or audio visual system. The Star Grounding terminus is contained inside a rugged chamber where a matrix of nodes direct noise into a “noise eating” Ferro Electric compound.

The signal grounds on your various A/V components may conform to any of a number of practices: At the original and basic level that many manufacturers still adhere to, chassis ground is the same as safety ground, is the same as signal ground. But on some equipment chassis ground does not equal safety ground and on much equipment signal ground is lifted from chassis ground. Of course connecting, say via RCA an item where the three grounds are unified to a component where they are not, will result in that second component having its signal ground united with safety ground etc, and through the interconnection of all signal leads a haphazard confusion of circulating signal grounds is created.

RouteMaster reorganises this tangled web in a coherent fashion bringing all signal earths via the shortest route to a single star point inside of a noise reducing ferroelectric chamber, creating a stable and fixed horizon for all components to navigate from.

RouteMaster provides the shortest and most coherent route to a common star grounding point for all of the components that form an audio or audio visual system and may be used on its own to provide a central "star" connected point for the signal ground of all connected components. Internally a strategic array of nodes direct residual noise into its ferroelectric core where it is turned into harmless heat.

Ultimate results are achieved by connecting the "star" position to the Puritan GroundMaster, whereby not only are all earthing circuits bonded in a uniform and tidy manner, but the noise on this common earth is further substantially reduced.

If it is not possible to install the earthing rod necessary for the Ground Master, you can still achieve good results by using the GroundMaster City model which simply plugs into an available wall socket (lead supplied with national plug and choice of lead length), and provides a highly cleansed additional grounding connection to the star point.

Connection components to the Ground Line Master Router is by Ultra Ground Connects which are available to connect to 4 mm banana, RCA, XLR Male, XLR Female, DIN, BNC, USB-A, USB-8, RJ45 and spade terminals.

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Puritan Audio Labs GroundMaster CITY and RouteMaster system by Terry London @ StereoTimes.com

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