Synergistic Research High Definition SX Ground Cables

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Excl. TAX: € 359.50 Incl. TAX: € 435.00

Quick Overview

  • The most sensitive cables of your A/V system
  • New single crystal pure six-nines silver conductors
  • Air dielectric
  • Available with all imaginable terminations
  • Quantum Tunneling 1,000,000 V treatment
  • Standard length 1.25 m / 4 ft
  • All other lengths till 3 m available upon request
  • Extension cables available too


Control is power

Since engineering the original HD Ground Cables over five years ago, understanding by SR of building the world’s best-sounding cables has advanced exponentially. In areas such as metallurgy, UEF compounds, and high voltage and high current conditioning processes have collectively gone well beyond anything we could have imagined in 2015. So it was time we applied all we’ve learned to build the next generation HD Ground Cable.

It all started with the same hand-made AirString Geometry. They added a new single crystal pure six-nines silver conductor in an air dielectric for cleaner highs and a noticeable increase in resolution combined with a more relaxed presentation. Then, a new UEF Compound was added to a new Matrix Shield for an even lower noise floor in a more holographic soundscape. In addition, a brand new Three Stage High Voltage conditioning process initially developed for the new flagship SRX cables was added for a dramatic lowering of the noise floor. All told, these improvements create a whole new level of performance, resolution, and musicality. In short, adding the new HDSX Ground Cables to your system with any of the Ground Block technologies will improve all aspects of sound, and not in a subtle way. Try risk-free in your system and rediscover the art of being well-grounded.

While an SR PowerCell incorporates many of the same technologies found in the Active Ground Block, the PowerCell’s implementation is necessarily isolated to the AC portion of your system. By grounding your PowerCell to the outboard Active Ground Block where all of your components and for SR cable users, their Atmosphere X and Galileo SX cable shields are all connected to a central isolated and actively filtered star ground point and this drastically lowers your PowerCell’s noise floor. The act of uniting your active components including your power conditioner and cable shields to a central filtered ground hub improves all aspects of system performance in surprising and dramatic ways. This latest application for the Active Ground Block is highly recommended for all Synergistic Research PowerCell and Active Ground Block users.

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