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Quick Overview

  • Improves the mains quality using magnetism
  • Breakthrough in A/V technology
  • Shunt filter, no dynamic restriction possible
  • Improves sub bass, calms down and has the right sparkle
  • Plug and play
  • Available with Schuko and US mains plug
  • Multi patented technology to lower your noise floor
  • Applicable to 115 V as well as 230 V systems
  • Can be combined without any problem with all other audio mains related products
  • Weight 250 g / 0.5 lbs.
  • Dimensions Ø38x114 mm / Ø1.5x4.5 "


Cleaning your electricity using magnetism

The power that makes or breaks the sound quality of your audio/video system is AC power. This is where distortion begins. It starts behind your walls. So to lower your noise floor in your audio system – you must start at the wall, or, even better, in your meter cupboard. A multi patented new technology exists to magnetically lower the noise floor. But why magnets? Because the AC current feeding your system is made of tiny little particles that behave like magnets - electrons. When electrons spin, magnetism is created. This force of energy can be guided electromagnetically by other magnets. Yes: magnets moving magnets!

Simply plugging one MC-0.5 into any open AC outlet, is enough to electromagnetically control the flow of electrons, up and down the cabling on either side of the wall. Adding more MC-0.5 throughout your room and system – increases the fidelity of your music. So how can you experience this for yourself? With the patented array of powerful magnets, just plug and play. Although every system responds differently when the noise floor is lowered, they all ultimately reveal more music! To elevate your system: magnetically lower your noise floor. Just start at the wall.

The MC-0.5, once plugged into an unused outlet, delivers a dramatically cleaner, clearer music signal with better dynamics, realism and musicality. It is both more detailed as well as more relaxed sounding at the same time. The MC-0.5 will offer an improvement to all audio systems. It also works with conventional power conditioners to restore extra realism, speed and clarity. Although meant for reference audio systems this device can be used on literally anything including televisions and home theater systems. Just find an unused outlet to plug the MC-0.5 in and enjoy improved picture clarity and music resolution. Listeners report night time sonics in the middle of the day, earning the MC-0.5 the nick name "Black Night".

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