Synergistic Research Galileo PowerCell SX

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Quick Overview

  • Limited to 50 units world-wide
  • 32 Amp Neutrik power input
  • 12 UEF Purple Schuko (EU) Outlets
  • Plexiglass view top
  • Front view window with Amp meter and 12 color options
  • 1.5 m / 6 ft SRX Power Cable included (retail €10,000)
  • 24k Gold Galileo SX Tuning Modules
  • Eleven Active Electromagnetic Cells
  • Point-to-point, 11 gauge 99.999% Pure Silver Wiring
  • 10 XL Folded EM Cells, 1 Horizontal plane EM Cell
  • Handcrafted SR UEF Active Power Supply
  • 5429 cm² Electromagnetic cell area 99.995%
  • Pure silver ground strap with connection port for an SR Active Ground Block
  • Integrated ULF Generator
  • Galileo SX PCB including high speed Schottky diodes
  • Galileo SX Ground Plane
  • NEW Galileo SX ULF Generator with multi-settings
  • Weight 12.7 kg / 28 lbs.
  • Dimensions 44.5x34x14 cm / 17.5x13.5x5.5 Inch


Beyond 11

The 2021 Galileo PowerCell SX starts with a complete redesign of its PCB power supply and ULF Signal Generator while keeping all non-conflicting PCB advancements from last year’s model. The first step was to create a multi-frequency ULF generator that splits the balance between intimate, focused recordings and large-scale recordings for a perfect yin and yang of the two. The Red setting is voiced for smaller-scale performances and is especially suited to recordings of analog instruments. Setting Purple is voiced to portray large-scale recordings accurately. It is ideally suited to recordings with massive sound fields like Pink Floyd or any modern recording mastered to portray extreme stereo imaging. To make this possible, SR borrowed technology from their Atmosphere Acoustic Field Generator that generates the Earth’s Shuman Resonance plus harmonics of the Earth’s Shuman Resonance simultaneously over two channels to model different acoustic environments.

As a result, the Galileo PowerCell SX is the first PowerCell to utilize more than one ULF frequency when biasing its internal EM Cells. SR then added technology from their Tranquility Pod to create a uniform EM field beneath the PCB and power supply for a lower noise floor with improved dynamics and soundstaging. They then improved fundamentals like 33% larger and more densely packed folded EM Cells for a significant increase in AC filtration that lowers a system’s perceived noise floor with improvements in dynamics. They then designed a new Purple Duplex with all Purple Fuse technologies for sonic improvements precisely like the state-of-the-art Purple Fuses. Finally, they revoiced the internal Gold UEF tuning circuits to tie the sum of all advances together with a focus on natural sound first, along with improvements in soundstaging. Together these changes result from innovation perfected through 100’s of hours of measurements and listening tests and is the single most significant leap in Galileo PowerCell performance since the introduction of the first 11 x EM Cell Galileo PowerCell in 2019.

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