HiFi-Tuning Supreme³ Power Harmoniser

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Excl. TAX: € 2,065.29 Incl. TAX: € 2,499.00

Quick Overview

  • Shunt harmonizer, no dynamic restriction possible
  • Operation voltage 90-240 Vac @ 50 & 60 Hz
  • Power consumption: 0.2 - 1 W
  • Color black or silver
  • Weight 9.1 kg
  • Dimensions 108x167x274 mm


All in one shunt power harmonizer

The Supreme³ Reference Power Harmoniser is the absolute state of the art. The finest material composition is unique and is rewarded with an incredibly tidy, relaxed sound stage without any dynamic losses. Finally discover what your high-quality system can really do!

It absorbs/eliminates all of the following interference components from the entire power supply of your devices:

  • Common- and differential mode interferences
    Switching and communications signals
    Radio frequency interferences
  • Mains voltage fluctuations (glitches)
  • Earth interferences

The device is built as a passive electronic component, practically does not heat up during normal operation, is resistant to aging and is designed for a very long (maintenance-free) service life. The components used meet the highest safety standards (military & aerospace), thus no special protective measures are required for continuous operation.

Installing is very simple; you only have to connect the device to the same outlet as your audio devices. Just plug&play simplicity.

The incredible sound-enhancing effect can be further increased by high-quality mains cables and installation on an audio base. By using a high-quality pure silver mains cable, the effect is still significantly increased! Optional accessories: Supreme³ Reference Mains Cable made of 95% silver + 5% fine gold with pure silver mains plugs 1.5m.

The IeGo mains input plug, as well as the entire internal wiring, are made of massive 99.99% fine silver, which guarantees the lowest voltage drops!

The effect of the device is due to a complex combination of resonators and steep-sided, multi-level RF filters. Mechanical damping takes place via a special hard stone granulate.

The audible result of this harmonizer is quite impressive: greater detail is evident, subtle effects stand out more from the background, and imaging simply becomes better. Most people are going to hear this to some degree. But the most important aspect, musicality and tighter bass response, will be heard first and foremost. 

Accessory that absorbs every hindrance affecting your audio by Hyun-mo Lee @ Audio magazine (South Korea)
HiFi-Tuning Supreme³ paralllel line filter by Raymond @ Audio Technique
HiFi-Tuning Supreme Harmonizer - Harmonizing the different aspects of an audio system by Jeremy R. Knipnis @ enjoythemusic.com
Hifi-Tuning strom harmonisierer - einfach entspannter musikhoeren von Jonas Bednarz @ lite-magazin.de

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