Kemp Elektroniks SR PLUG (Schumann Resonance)

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Excl. TAX: € 326.45 Incl. TAX: € 395.00

Quick Overview

  • Shunt device, no dynamic restriction possible
  • Generates a new 7.83 cycles per second Schumann resonance
  • Adjustable intensity
  • At maximum level, Schumann overtones are also generated
  • Green LED indicates Schumann beat
  • WA-Quantum and Creaktiv Systems Chips internal
  • Potted in Akiko Audio Tuning mix (minerals) and a resin to prevent microphonic effects
  • 8 ft. (2,5 m) wire antenna, available in black or white
  • Can be combined with all other mains related products
  • Multiple SR PLUGS intensify the effect
  • Simple 'plug and play' installation


Greater involvement in sound & vision

Truly new visions and products can only emerge by leaving the beaten track. For audio/video products this is definitely not the most common and easy way. Revolutionary technology rarely comes from the marketing department either. For us at KE this is the result from our deep knowledge, thorough development and the strong ambition to develop unique products with an outstanding price/performance ratio.

The convincing proof that this approach can lead to some very remarkable products can be found in our SR PLUG and QA PLUG. Different and unusual for sure but by no means less effective. Just follow your eyes and ears. The improvement in sound and picture quality is impossible to miss.

The Schumann resonance is a natural, global phenomenon; weak electromagnetic waves with a fundamental frequency of 7.83 Hz. The ongoing "pollution" from the ether with electro smog distorts the natural Schumann resonance or even completely removes it. The SR PLUG re-creates a new Schumann resonance and brings back the natural situation in our living room concerning this matter. The intensity of the SR PLUG is infinitely variable, depending on placement and your personal preferences. The result is a clear improvement of all qualitative aspects of reproduction from your A/V set. You will notice improved dynamics, a larger harmonic richness, and a wider and preciser stereo image with a background that's more silent than ever. Video and TV will be sharper with more contrast and deeper colors. A greater involvement and improved realism are the key features of the SR PLUG.

These enhancements cannot be laid down in figures easily, but will be clear to any pair of eyes and ears.

Last but not least both the QA PLUG and SR PLUG have a very interesting property; after a while of use, taking away the SR PLUG is even more clear than starting to use it. You'll notice the absence of the SR PLUG immediately. We promise you, you'll want to replace that SR PLUG within minutes.
It's not without a reason the SR PLUG and the QA PLUG have been among our best sellers for years with thousands of satisfied customers!

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

...a huge improve of the system for such a relatively small amount of money. Review by F.H. from Germany
To be true, when I ordered the sr-plug the first time, i thought that this could be a waste of money. I installed it in our dining room, to check if it works outside a music system. Our dining room is a room with lots of reverb, so that sometimes conversation could be stressful, especially when our kids scream and shout. Surprisingly situation changed, when I installed the sr-plug. Words are easier to understand and the noise floor isn't disturbing any more.
After this unexpected effect, I ordered another sr-plug to use it in my hifi-system. I received the new model. And this on really knocks me off. After my experiences I did expect an improvement of the performance of my music system. But the improvement wasn't slight, it was immense. More detail, more soundcolours, a relaxed swing... fantastic. I didn't tried the old sr-plug in my music system, so I don't know, if that one works as good, but in my opinion there is only few, that makes such a huge improve of the system for such a relatively small amount of money. If someone asks me, I would really recommend your plug. (Posted on 4/1/2014)
Wow, the effect is very audible. Review by Our Singapore dealer Passion Audio
We received the plugs and use a SR plug in one of our demo system. Wow, the effect is very audible, it help in creating a wider and deeper soundfield, vocal seem lusher and less gritty, the SR seem to have taken the tightness in tension on vocal, imbue it with warmth and retain the speed and tempo. Also the high seem more silky and extended. I am not exagerrating, it is true as we are very familar with our system. I hope you can quote me in your website. (Posted on 8/5/2013)
Great! Review by A customer from Denmark
I took the plugs to a friend who has a very good HiEnd system. It was incredible how big the improvement was with only three or four plugs in all the corners and just one SR plug in between his speakers. He just couldn't believe it, we sat down for maybe 3-4 hours and just listened. Great! (Posted on 8/5/2013)
...performs breathtaking in my home cinema system. Review by Matthias Diepenbrock from Berlin, Germany
Unfortunatley, there is no dealer in Germany to sell Kemp products. However, the money back guarantee convinced me to buy them on the internet. I'm glad I did so, because the combination of SNS, SR and QA modules performs breathtaking in my home cinema system. (Posted on 8/5/2013)
...a clearly audible improvement! Review by John van Polen from Leiden, the Netherlands (translated by JvP)
Today, I transferred a SR-Plug from an ordinary power outlet to my MIT Z-Center power conditioner. This power line is also filtered by a Tice Line Enhancer and three PS Audio Noise Harvesters. This change resulted in a clearly audible improvement! A piano has a more natural timbre now and highs sound purer! (Posted on 8/5/2013)
The entire “sound image” gains quietness... Review by Frans Strik from Oldehoeve, the Netherlands (translated by JvP)
The entire “sound image” gains quietness and I perceive new details between and behind musical instruments. Certain tracks from 'The Maze' from Sounds From The Ground sounded somewhat weird and diffuse; with the SR-Plug in place however, the whole thing comes together. In particular, the vertical image of musical instruments is defined much better. Also, the noise floor has dropped further. The power transmitted by the SR-Plug is adjustable, the result described above is achieved at half power output. In my system, maximum power output is way too much; the sound becomes rather “shouty”, reminiscent of a system playing in a large hollow space. (Posted on 8/5/2013)
...more depth, better retrieval of detail... Review by A customer who prefers to be anonymous (translated by JvP)
At first, nothing seems to happen at all. But about 7 minutes later, the music comes into bloom: more depth, better retrieval of detail, especially in the low and the high frequencies and a more “immediate” sound. When I unplug the SR-Plug, it takes about three minutes before I start missing something; when I put it back, it again takes about 7 minutes before I can say to myself: oh yes, that’s the sound, now it’s right again. (Posted on 8/5/2013)
What more can one wish for ... . Review by Robert Mastenbroek from Schipluiden, the Netherlands (translated by JvP)
A set of Plugs from Kemp Elektroniks (SNS, QA en SR) managed to turn a mid-priced Panasonic system including a digital amplifier from “seldomly used”into “always on”, evoking goosebumps and even the occasional teardrop on a regular basis. What more can one wish for ... . (Posted on 8/5/2013)
Much more spacious and realistic. Review by Fred van Ingen from Bergen aan Zee, the Netherlands (translated by JvP)
My system from Van Medevoort always sounded somewhat harsh. There was just that ugly edge on the highs. After some fruitless experimentation with respect to cabling, it was at the Alkmaar show that I ran into Ron Kemp, who advised me to try his SR-Plug. Fortunately, I did. For an investment next to nothing, all harsh edges have disappeared and, as an unexpected bonus, the soundstage opened up completely. Much more spacious and realistic. This accessory is mandatory for every audio system in the serious league. (Posted on 8/5/2013)
...the SR-Plug performs many times better. Review by Michael Bakker from Breda, the Netherlands (translated by JvP)
Rather plain looking product that does an excellent job all the same. My description of the looks as “cheap”, should not retain anyone from buying, because it’s the result that matters. I had the honour to be able to compare it with the Acoustic Revive and, believe me, the SR-Plug performs many times better. On the basis of appearance I tend to prefer the Japanese design, but whether one should pay many times more for less performance ... . (Posted on 8/5/2013)
...enormous effect on my audio system... Review by Gerard v/d Bergh from Bloemendaal, the Netherlands (translated by JvP)
This weekend, my dealer gave me a SR-Plug to try at home. From the first moment on I was convinced of the enormous effect on my audio system: a more open / wider / deeper soundstage, a more detailed, tighter sound and better pace and rythm!

That evening I was struck by the picture of my Sony Trinitron CRT-television being more composed, focussed and detailed and displaying a much truer color balance also. I could never have expected to see this on my ten year old TV; in my opinion, the contribution of the SR-Plug here is even more prominent than in my audio system ... ! (Posted on 8/5/2013)
...extremely sensitive to the quality of the mains! Review by A customer who wish to be anonymous (translated by JvP)
Recently, I made a shocking discovery: both my QA- and SR-Plug are extremely sensitive to the quality of the mains! Using a high quality power strip is mandatory! I noticed that I was throwing away about half of the benifits of the Plugs when placed in a standard power strip. Fortunately, I managed to insert both Plugs into my dedicated audio power strip. (Posted on 8/5/2013)
This plug is one hell of a sound enhancer. Review by Jeroen van het Hart from Hillegom, the Netherlands (translated by JvP)
In our audio hobby group, we lively discuss and disagree on almost every audio product. Very rarely it happens that, so to speak, all noses point in one direction. But in case of the SR-Plug this rarity occured. Friend and foe agreed: This plug is one hell of a sound enhancer. The perceived effect was regarded as an enormous improvement unanimously. (Posted on 8/5/2013)
I'm happy with the results. :) Review by Mr. Kong Wy Mun from Singapore
Received the SR plug replacement yesterday and tried it last night. Must say that I'm happy with the results. :) Imparts a more controlled feel to the sound and allows one to be better drawn / relax into the music.... (Posted on 8/5/2013)
All claims are fullfilled! Review by P. Kolijn from Aalsmeer, the Netherlands (translated by JvP)
If you ask me, the Schumann story was made up by Kemp altogether; however, strange enough, the thing actually works. All claims are fullfilled! How that can be, remains a mystery to me … . (Posted on 8/5/2013)
Wow! what a great tweak. Review by Khat from Japan
When I plug the SR and placing the wire between my speakers, immediately everything become more cleaner with great hights making me to hear more from the recordings. Micro- details. Wow! what a great tweak. (Posted on 8/5/2013)
Simply breathtaking! Review by Mervin from Singapore (customer of one of our Dutch internet dealers Hi-Stands)
The music presentation is super clear, even more dynamic and soundstage depth and width presentation is so real. This is the most significant tweak in my 20 years into hifi. Simply breathtaking! (Posted on 8/5/2013)
I damn love it. Review by Ivan Benja from Milan, Italy
I feel very happy with “my” sound: wide, deep, open, transparent, tidy, rich, dynamic. I can hardly imagine anything better downside a 5 figure high-end exotic monsters. At least - until this weekend.
*Step 1: turned potentiometer down to zero, plugged SR and here-we-go. I’ve chosen Hail-the I Dub compilation: a heavenly production, clean, clear and tidy.
*Step 2: turn clockwise to 9 o’clock. Apart slightly deeper bass (illusion?) I did not notice audible differences.
*Step 3: potentiometer turned to 11 o’clock. Wow! Bang! The bass got “edge”, the soundstage depth becomes deeper, higher, wider, naturally balanced with whole lotta “black space” between instruments. Almost holographic. Voices placed in front of drums (as it should be), colour and tidiness of voice to die for.
*Step 4: potentiometer turned from 1 o’clock to max. Too much of a good thing equals nogood.
*Back to 11 o’clock – back to heaven. The sound reminded me to the “deep listening” sessions after bong (ab)use when I was young(er).
*The last step: SR Plug switched of. The sound I’ve thought was fine. seemed - wall of sound! Plugged again. I will never unplug it again. I damn love it. (Posted on 8/5/2013)
...this is the best Plug Kemp has ever made. Review by Dhr. Wintels from Heerhugowaard, the Netherlands (translated by JvP)
Being a gratified user of the Kemp QA-Plug and SNS-Plug for several years now, I was very curious about this new SR-Plug. It must be said: the effects are obvious at once. A more refined treble, better retrieval of detail (even new details appeared!) and a more “real” sound. At the start, I was too lazy to strech out the antenna, which was wrong, because this clearly enhances the effect. At my place, the SR-Plug sounded at its best when set at maximum output. This triggered the idea of buying another one, which raised the benefits as expected. In my opinion, this is the best Plug Kemp has ever made. (Posted on 8/5/2013)
In short, an astounding result. Review by Dhr. van den Oever from Katwijk aan Zee, the Netherlands (translated by JvP)
Yesterday, I collected a SR-Plug at my dealer’s to try it at home. I kept the device right away, because this Plug does exactly what is in the review by Mr. John van Polen. A lower noise floor, bass is more taut, more accurate imaging and better retrieval of detail are among its effects. In short, an astounding result. (Posted on 8/5/2013)
...the most cost-effective tweak I have ever used. Review by Some responses from one of our US dealers; Highend-electronics
...I hooked it up last night. This thing is nothing short of amazing- it's presence worked a great improvement in my system. The reviews of this device were right on the money: it may be the most cost-effective tweak I have ever used.

The music presentation is super clear, even more dynamic and soundstage depth and width presentation is so real. This is the most significant tweak in my 20 years into hifi. Simply breathtaking... (Posted on 8/5/2013) system sounds more "pleasant". Review by Herman from Chicago
First impressions of this device are positive: if fact, very positive but difficult to describe. To sum up the very unusual effect would be to say that music played through my system sounds more "pleasant". This is an ambiguous word but my wife confirmed this description. She mentioned that listening with the SR plug is "less strenuous on the ears, easier on the head". (Posted on 8/5/2013)

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