Telos Audio Design Quantum Acoustics Diffuser

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Demo exemplar available!

  • A combination of a Quantum and a Schumann generator
  • Easy to hang on your back wall
  • Works on the supplied power supply or batteries
  • Wooden frame
  • Weight 1.05 kg
  • Dimension 327x237x36 mm


In the field of Quantum Mechanics, quantum electrodynamics describes the interaction between electromagnetic radiation and matter. According to Maxwell equations, with time varying electric field generates a time varying magnetic field and vice versa.

Therefore, an oscillating electric field will produce a magnetic field oscillation, and an oscillating magnetic field will, in turn, produce an oscillating electric field. Thus, forming electromagnetic wave that is in common phase with the oscillating electric and magnetic fields. The electromagnetic wave will not only exhibit the wave fluctuating nature, it will also display the particle-like nature.

Particle formation created by discrete energy wave packets, also known as quantum wave packet can be absorbed or emitted by the charged particles. Quantum state assumed an important role in this, that is, being the agent for "the transmission of energy."

In nature, there are actually many resonating electromagnetic waves.  The lightning, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, sunspots, the ionosphere all produce natural electromagnetic waves.

Over billions of years, life on Earth has established ingenious ways to coexist naturally with these electromagnetic waves. From some studies, some even call natural electromagnetic waves the fourth source of life, following the sun, air and water.

German scientists found a natural electromagnetic wave which resonates at a frequency lesser than 10 Hz, they named it the Schumann resonance wave. In a separate case, a resonating electromagnetic wave was discovered by surprise. That too, is lesser than 10 Hz, an extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic pulse. These frequencies are so close to the brainwave frequency of human being. Some body tissues even started to show signs of resonance effect.

Extremely low frequency electromagnetic pulse already exists in nature. Sadly, in modern urban cities with concrete buildings and the coverage of high-frequency electromagnetic waves generated by large numbers of electrical appliances, the human living environment gradually lost these natural resonance frequencies.

Humanity is very sensitive to these natural electromagnetic fields. For example, in sunny weather, the natural electromagnetic field frequency is very similar to the brain’s alpha (a) wave. The brain reveals alpha (a) wave when at sleep or at peace with the surroundings. It is the waveform to induce ease, carefree and cheerfulness. On the other hand, delta (d) wave that appear in cloudy weather often induces repressed feeling of irritability. This is true even when staying indoors, and without the knowledge of outside weather.

In human auditory perception, different frequencies of brain wave will affect the interpretation of voice and sound. When depressed, our natural defense mechanism will cause an acute alertness to the high and low frequencies. Low frequencies will sound tensed, like a large pair of speakers being put in a small space. Extremely low frequency just could not extend low enough, at the same time, greatly reducing the sense of space. This eliminates the sense of airiness so desired in hi-end equipment. However, in the state of relaxation, music will feel more fluid. Low frequency easily extends into the ears. Details emerge distinctively from improved high frequency perception.

What the Quantum Diffusor is doing is actually very simple. That is, to create an imitation of natural electromagnetic resonance waves in the listening environment. Unlike the past, we hope that the presence of “pure wave” does not bring undesirable high frequency electromagnetic waves.

Hence, in design, we choose to use the safer low-voltage DC power input. The input will be converted to high-voltage low-current power within the core. With a high density grid antenna, paired with high precision low distortion resonance wave generator, simulated extremely low frequency electromagnetic waves are radiated uniformly from the Quantum Diffusor.

Coupled with natural wood exterior, the design highly suits Hi-End listening environment. It feels like traditional diffuser, what is different is that it is compact and lightweight in size. Compared to fixing large diffusers, this is definitely economically more desirable.    

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