WA-Quantum Car Optimizer

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Quick Overview

  • Kills harmfull bacteria, germs, viruses and static electricity
  • Removes airborne particles like dust, pollen and smoke
  • Improves traction, controlling and handling resulting in
    a smoother drive and more fun!
  • Harmonizes electrosmog in your car by using WA-Quantum Tachyon Technology
  • Higher engine efficiency leads to more power or less gas use
  • Just plug it into your sigarette ligther socket
  • Blue LED power indication
  • Negative ion concentration 5.600.000 pcs/cm³
  • Ozone concentration ≤ 0.05 ppm
  • Maintanance free - no filters to clean or replace
  • Dual USB 2.0 type A power ports (5 V @ 2.1 A each)
  • Operating voltage 12 - 14 V
  • Power consumption 0.8 W (without USB loads)
  • Weight 40 gram / 0.088 lbs
  • Dimensions 35x35x105 mm / 1.4x1.4x4.1 inch


Enhance your health and sense of well-being

Your car is saturated with micro-dust (particulates) that are hard to remove using the ventilation system. Just plug the Car Optimizer into your 12 V cigarette lighter socket, and it will start purifying your in-car environment using ionizer technology, with it's LED indication light glowing gently. The blue light helps to prevent premature driving fatigue.

All aspects of car performance will noticeably improve, you will notice better traction, controlling and handling, while consuming less gas. Driving your car will simply mean you have more fun than ever before, even if it is just because of the improved performance of your car stereo! 

As an extra feature it is able to power or charge two USB devices simultaneously, safely against shorts, surges and other dangers.

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