Kemp Elektroniks MAXiiMUS P16 Flexii Ultimate A/V Version

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Excl. TAX: € 2,144.63 Incl. TAX: € 2,595.00

Quick Overview

Demo unit available!

  • Ultimate Audio Grade version of the Maxiimus P16 Flexii
  • Single phase parallel version
  • Plug and play shunt device
  • Harmonises low frequency and high frequency electrosmog
  • Re-polarises water veins and other geopatic disturbances
  • Reduces negative effects of electrosmog, improves your well being
  • Best audio accessory according to the press
  • Very long life span, free from maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly - energy consumption close to zero
  • Size of energy field created 13 m
  • Laquered wooden footer plate
  • IEC inlet (choose your own favorite power cord)
  • Gabriel-Tech GDF55 Chip + Fostac HF damping sheet inside
  • 4 Duende Criatura accumulator damping rings
  • Color black (RAL 9005) or white (RAL 9016)
  • Weight 2.4 kg
  • Size 18.8x6.2x32.3 cm / 7.4x2.4x12.7" (without footer plate)


Maximization of natural energy

Maxii Energii aims at creating a harmonic and energetic environment for humans, plants and animals. Just as important is it to take the energetic condition of buildings seriously, as energy and information are crucial for the development of all life forms. The Maxiimus creates a highly energetic field full of free electrons and negative ions due to its unique technology. This field not only harmonises low and high frequency electrosmog, geopatic disturbances like water veins are also treated. A space full of power and recreation is formed, in which human beings more easily can develop their full potential. The performance of your A/V set will also significantly improve.

So, the MAXiiMUS harmonises electrosmog in your home. Also, your A/V set will perform the way you want much quicker after switching it on. Due to this, switching it off after use is less problematic and may save you quite some money. You will also notice a firm enhancement in dynamics, attack and resolution.

The P16 Flexii preferably has to be positioned as close to the A/V set as possible. If you wish to emphasize on the positive effects of the P16 Flexii on your health, it has to be positioned as centrally in your home as possible.

This is the ultimate version with 3-fold suppression capacitor at the LED pyramid lighting, a Gabriel Chip, a Fostac HF damping sheet, 4 Duende Criatura damping rings and four Perfect Sound dampers.

Note: if your home has 3 phase electricity, only one of these will be harmonised by the P16. In case you would like full harmonisation, the MAXiiMUS P40 is the right choice.

"Unlike all my other tweaks, the Kemp P16 has this ability to create an ultra-relaxed and ultra-clean atmosphere, a crystal-clear view, deep into the recording. It offers a more relaxed and natural feel to the overall presentation. One is granted an ease and refinement that is usually reserved for only the most elusive and expensive of components."
"The ability of the P16 to add extra levels of dimensionality, x-ray-like transparency, ease, and natural fluidity with a razor-sharp focus, was nothing short of mindboggling."
"The P16, at a little over $2k each, is the best tweak for the money that we have heard. Bar none."
"Ladies and gentlemen, the Kemp MAXiiMUS P-16 Shunt Conditioner is a major component masquerading as a mere tweak. An easy vote for Most Wanted Component Publisher's Choice 2016!"

Kemp Elektroniks MAXiiMUS P16 Shunt Conditioner by Clement Perry @
"Added to the high degree of realism especially for vocals = killer sound!!!"
"I don’t really know how it does what it does to the electricity and air to affect sound so dynamically, I just know that I want one. The Kemp MAXiiMUS P-16 Shunt Conditioner is an affordable audio wonder."

Kemp Elektroniks MAXiiMUS P16 review by Kurt Lassen @
I was gobsmacked when I removed the MAXiiMUS. The sound stage collapsed, and small fragments in the sound space where not as present anymore.
It is as if the P16 does some kind of a spring cleaning - it ́s way easier to hear small changes in timbre and level. Without the MAXiiMUS it ́s just music, nice music though, but not as involving as with the unit.

Kemp Elektroniks Maxiimus P16 Maxiimus P40 van Maxii Energii by John van Polen @
"A more forgiving sound with more ease and quiescence, at the same time more dynamic, and vocals clearly appear more intelligible. Wow! Even stranger: the flatscreen in the living room -at quite some distance from the P16- presented sound with deeper bass and a picture with better saturated colors."

Maxii Energii Maxiimus P16 tachyon field generator door Werner Ero @
An aspect I experience as very positive, is that it takes less effort from the listener to digest even the most demanding pieces of music. Also, articulation of vocals and musical instruments is clearly better.”
In the midrange and the treble, there is a sense of added insight, refinement and “transfer of emotions”. Musical instruments are assigned a specific timbre more convincingly. In the end, all these improvements result in an impression of the six musicians standing tangible in the listening room, to the extent of being spooky”.

More information:
A free energy device reducing power consumption, called Fostac Maximus (English)
F&Q: Frank Neubauer über MAXiiMUS (Energie-Optimierungsgerät)
Matrix-Fostac Maximus Steigerung der Energie-Effizienz
Fostac Maximus Technologie - Hans Seelhofer @ seminar
Maxiimus - Angewandte Bewußtseinstechnologie @ Alpenparament.TV
Eine Welt der Tachyonen @ CropFM

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Every Note Perfectly Formed Review by D Sheridan UK resident
You know when you first switch your stereo on, there’s a slight ‘tiss’ to everything until it warms up and settles down and everything comes into focus. The P16 establishes this focus very quickly and gets better the longer the system is on. Every note hangs in the air, you can clearly hear different notes start and if slow music, decay into the distance. Kate Bush’s ‘The Painter’ from Aerial demonstrates this well.

Vocals become easier to decipher and everything occupies its own space.

It also lifts veils into the music, I assume by getting rid of the ‘electrosmog’, so that you hear further into the mix. Lennon and McCartney harmonies have never been clearer.

The above two attributes prove to be a heady mix in that it brings you a lot closer to the music and hence you get more enjoyment from the music.

One caveat, around about the third day, that the music took a dip but that was temporary and I presume that was part of the burn in period.

At 1700 odd euros plus power cord the P16 is an expensive ‘tweak’ but after hearing what it does for my system I’m very happy to pay this as it’s like getting an expensive component upgrade to the system. (Posted on 12/20/2016)
everything is in “full bloom”… it. Review by Bob Visintainer Rhapsody Music & Cinema from New York US
Right out of the box and plugged in with my amps dead cold, in the first minute the amps sound like they have been warmed up for two hours.
After 200 hours now on the P16’s in my system(s), everything is in “full bloom”… it. I think it took at least 100 hours and got even better after 200 hours. (Posted on 10/8/2016)
By far the best investment to improve the sound of your equipment. Review by Bobby Kingma from Sound&Vision Consulting
Electromagnetic fields stumble upon each other, creating new fields. These newly created fields are called “electrosmog” and will influence the sound of your equipment adversely. What is the negative influence of “electrosmog” on your sound? Middle to high frequencies will sound harsh. You will also loose dynamics and transparency in the low end. Individual focus on voices and instruments becomes less tangible. Your stage will be less wide and less deep. It will degrade the authenticity and richness. It will lessen details and spatial imaging.

Of all mains improving products we tested the last 17 years, the Maxiimus P16 is by far the most effective and convincing tool to enhance the sound quality of your audio system. Only now you realize to what extent the “smog” influences your set.

Listening to your music with and without the P16 is a world of difference. During last months we demonstrated what the Maxiimus P16 can do to the sound to many of our customers. We rarely observed this amount of astonishment from our customers. It’s a tool that’s very easy to demonstrate by playing music with and without the Maxiimus P16. The contrast between the two situations is so large, you can hardly imagine playing music without the P16 installed. What’s so special, what will the Maxiimus P16 add to the sound quality?
- It clearly adds tranquility and authority
- Timbre is richer and more diverse
- Low frequencies are more powerful, tangible and more taut
- Voices and instruments are more tangible, but also more distinct from each other
- Sound scape is wider and deeper
- Will improve details and spatial imaging of the recording

* Benefit of the P16 is the fact it is mobile. This adds even more flexibility.

During testing we noticed results can be improved significantly by experimenting with the placement. You will notice better dynamics, tangibility and timbre. Freedom of placement is an important factor of success of the P16. By turning the Schuko mains plug 180 degrees the P16 exhibits a completely different character with 2 possibilities:
- In one orientation the sound scape is larger and deeper. There’s a bit more focus on details
- The other orientation gives a more intimate sound scape and the timbre of the middle frequencies is clearly warmer.

The Maxiimus absolutely is an enrichment for any sound system and is by far the best investment concerning the mains. (Posted on 5/2/2016)
A precious improvement! Review by Mark Gelderman
The test by audio journalist Werner Ero was immediately interesting to me, as the P16 has been designed to kill electrosmog. I bought the P16 primarily for the well being (harmonization) and is placed centrally in my home. Soon after connecting it a doom feeling came over us. The mix of a headache, shivers, tingling and fatigue faded away for the greater part after just a few hours. The next two weeks the positive effects become ever more clear. Some observations within the range of the Maxiimus: fresh odor, a clear mind (it’s as if thinking is sped up), more energy, and it’s like certain appliances (heat recovery ventilator) work more silent, and there’s a quicker recovery after exposure to radiation. To my great pleasure, I notice improvement in the music reproduction also: more focus, imaging, room (holographic), dynamics and faithful reproduction of voice and instruments. Clear, unforced and relaxed, even at low volumes and without turning the speakers into the listening position. After 2 weeks I experienced such a massive jump to realistic reproduction that I already regard it as normal… A precious improvement! (Posted on 5/2/2016)
A no brainer for every listening room Review by Rob Wilms from Dé Hifiwinkel
This is a no brainer for every listening room. It only does positive things. (Posted on 5/2/2016)
The music became comprehensive, loudspeakers and other equipment seemed to vanish. Review by Hans Steutel
Last Monday I was with two of my friends and listened to the P16: the sound scape was immense, every now and then, instruments appeared even from the back. It took some time to get used to it. The music became comprehensive, loudspeakers and other equipment seemed to vanish. Sound was very natural, the word “delicate” every time came to my mind while listening. Imaging of voices and instruments was simply breathtaking. In fact, there was no aspect in reproduction that was not substantially improved. Because the gain in quality was so immense, we listened technically (against our principles) but I’m sure experience will improve also by the lorryload. (Posted on 5/2/2016)
My experience with the P16: Review by Reinier van de Velde
I’m very happy with my new Swiss box. Immediately after powering it, the sound has become more organic and due to this sounds more realistic. After a few hours, the sound has improved a lot more. Even my television has a more natural picture, I can watch it for hours and hours fascinated. (Posted on 5/2/2016)
Listening to music becomes a realistic experience Review by anonymous
One of the first things that was noticed after the Maxiimus was powered up, is the complete lack of electronic stress. Most of us listen to music to relax, to motivate or to get inspiration. Restlessness that comes as a standard with the listening to music via HiFi equipment completely vanishes. Listening to music becomes a realistic experience. (Posted on 5/1/2016)

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