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Outside EU (Excl. TAX): € 409.09 Incl. TAX: € 495.00

Quick Overview

  • 16 mm in diameter, relatively flexible
  • 8 X 1 mm²/17 AWG, 1 X 4 mm²/11 AWG
  • 11 shieldings, star earthed
  • superior suppression of EMI and RFI
  • HPOFC (High Purity Oxygen Free Copper) conductors
  • Unique dielectric, our special plastomer
  • High quality plugs, 24 Carat gold plated
  • Mains plug filled with AkikoAudioTuningmix
  • Plugs and cable cryogen treated
  • WA-Quantum Cable Chip applied to the cable
  • All contacts are treated with DeoxIT and SilClear
  • Silk sleeving
  • Burned in for the greater part (90%) using our Ultimate Cable Cooker
  • Comes in 1,5 m/5 ft as a standard. All lengths are available upon request


11 fold shielded, unique in the world of audio

In the audio & video world the term "reference" is used all too frequently. In our opinion nearly always just to give products a perceived higher quality from a marketing perspective. We strongly feel that the term reference should only be used for the very best possible. A product where other products are measured by. It took a long time before we decided to use the "reference" label for one of our products. But with our POWER CORD REFERENCE it really was the only option.

Only in rare occasions we have heard a similarly sounding power cord. But in all cases they had a considerably higher price tag...

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

De reference is zeker zijn geld waard. Review by Teun van den Oever uit Katwijk aan Zee
Ik wou even laten weten dat de powercord reference erg goed bevalt. Ik gebruik het cord voor de dac. Het geluid is veel schoner, rustiger, de plaatsing is beter, en de dynamiek is veel groter. De reference is zeker zijn geld waard. (Posted on 8/5/2013)
insane :-) Review by Sjaak Wieringsma from Groningen, the Netherlands (translated by JvP)
Having heard the presentation by Kemp Elektroniks at the AZ audio show, I knew for sure: good power cords come in gradations. I already used two Hi Power Cords in my system which perform very well, but hearing the additional information the Reference Power Cord was able to squeeze out of the system, almost made me fall off my chair. The next Monday I immediately ordered two Reference Power Cords which are in place right now, yielding the same benefits I heard at the show: insane :-) (Posted on 8/5/2013)
This kind of quality from the competition will set you back over 2000 euros for sure. Review by Christian Gottschalk from Wuppertal, Germany (translated by JvP)
For many years I have come across the name “Kemp” at audio shows et cetera. As there is no distribution of Kemp in Germany, I directly phoned Kemp in the Netherlands. Surprisingly, he immediately transferred the cable I desired. I’m very, very satisfied with it. A much better Price/Performance ratio compared to other manufacturers. The “Reference” version of his cable completely justifies its name. This kind of quality from the competition will set you back over 2000 euros for sure. (Posted on 8/5/2013)
Warm, detailed, natural, relaxed, clean and simply “right”. Review by Stefano Amico from Italy
The three power cords arrived and I am very, very happy with them. They deserve their name as no one of the about ten different kind of power cords I tried so far. The others cannot combine so many good properties as yours. Warm, detailed, natural, relaxed, clean and simply “right”. I do not think I will be looking for power cords anywhere else. The combination of your power strip plus and reference power cord has been a very important upgrade for my system. I whish I could have known your products before. (Posted on 8/5/2013)
On the basis of performance it scores 9 out of 10, if not higher. Review by Andre van Groeneveld from Baarn, the Netherlands (translated by JvP)
Marvelous and beautiful Power Cord. On the basis of performance it scores 9 out of 10, if not higher. I also have even thicker “snakes” from Shunyata plugged into my components, but you can’t expect more than you pay for ... . (Posted on 8/5/2013)
It is my new Reference! Review by Patrick Hendriks from Baerle-Nassau, the Netherlands (translated by JvP)
In general, I’m very sceptical as far as this kind of acclaim is concerned, but this power cord truly lives up to its pretentions. It is my new Reference! (Posted on 8/5/2013)
In a word, it's the best investment I have ever made in terms of cables. Review by Luís Portela from Portugal
Thank you very much. I have got to tell you that after a short break in period ( a couple of days) the PC REFERENCE got even better. What an amazing cable it is - focus, timbre, soundstage... you name it!
In a word, it's the best investment I have ever made in terms of cables. I wasn´t prepared for such a difference, but now I understand why you call it REFERENCE. Congratulations on your products! (Posted on 8/5/2013)
Warmly recommended without any reservation and worth every penny. Review by Mr. Cyriel Pluimakers (a journalist for music and audio) from Utrecht, the Netherlands (translated by JvP)
Relative to the Hi Power Cord, the Reference adds a considerable amount of 'body and soul'. The music sounds fuller and more animated, the low end is more powerful and the midrange more fluent. Edginess is eradicated completely. The Reference represents the 'whalhalla' for reproduction of music in the living room. Warmly recommended without any reservation and worth every penny. (Posted on 8/5/2013)
...the improvements are abundant... Review by Sebastiaan from Amsterdam, the Netherlands (translated by JvP)
I would like to pass on my experience that the power cords from Kemp Elektroniks go along very well with my audio components from Naim Audio. For several years I’ve used the LO and HI Power Cords from Kemp and recently I upgraded to the current top model: the Reference.
Although I have always been satisfied with the performance of my power cords, I somehow felt the system could do even better. Having tried several cabels (from numerous brands), priced from 395 tot 1.195 euro’s, I have to conclude that the Reference from Kemp is THE power cord for my system of Naim components.
To describe the effects of the Reference in a short sentence is virtually impossible, as the improvements are abundant: quieter and “blacker”, a full bodied sound with natural tone colours, better dynamics and improved imaging.
I can not but advise anyone in search of a high quality power cord to test the Reference from Kemp Elektroniks. (Posted on 8/5/2013)
I can enjoy the music longer now... Review by A customer who prefers to be anonymous (translated by JvP)
In the hifi community I am often ridiculed for having bought very expensive audio gear to replay my recordings of psychedelic rock. My latest additions are two SOTA power cords to feed my power amplifiers. Acknowleging the modest quality of recordings from that era, I nevertheless hear significantly less nasty distortion. I can enjoy the music longer now, because listening fatigue is no issue anymore. (Posted on 8/5/2013)

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