Synergistic Research SRX series Power Cable

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Excl. TAX: € 8,264.46 Incl. TAX: € 10,000.00

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  • SRX Carbon Fiber Tuning Modules Silver and Gold
  • 2 Folded EM Cells, biased by a Swiss power supply
  • Long, flexible, flat EM Cell as an extra
  • PowerCell line conditioner and power cord in one
  • Pure Silver UEF Ground Plane with mini-Bananas
  • Same connectors as used on limited SR25 power cord
  • SR Long Duration 1 million Volt Conditioning
  • Hand build time >10 hours in California
  • 5 Day / 3 Step burn in proces
  • Standard length 1.8 m / 6 ft
    other lengths upon request


The technology for the new Synergistic Research SRX power cord was taken directly from the SR25 25th Anniversary power cord that was limited to 100 pieces worldwide. The SRX is an exact duplicate of the now sold-out SR25 with one exception, a different grade of pure six-nines silver is used, and this cuts the cost of this reference power cord in half. Each SRX power cord is fabricated by hand in the California factory, including a flexible pure silver signal path ribbon laminate that acts as an Electromagnetic Cell running the full length of the cable from the wall plug to the IEC. Additional AC conductors are made from pure six-nines silver in an Air Dielectric for a total of nine gauge of pure silver each for the hot and neutral run.

In every respect, the SRX represents the zenith of what SR currently knows on building the world’s state-of-the-art power cord. SR technologies include the most advanced UEF shielding ever developed for a power cord and the most complex dual folded electromagnetic cells placed in a power cord made from pure six nines silver for both the hot and neutral AC leg. With a long flexible flat EM Cell and two folded EM Cells all made from pure six-nines silver, you have in effect a pure silver PowerCell line conditioner in an AC cable format.

Additional SR25 technologies include a pure silver Ground Plane that can be connected to Active Ground Block, SE or Galileo SX for a lower noise floor and added holographic sound staging and dynamic impact and a Swiss Made power supply developed to optimize the pure silver EM Cells. SRX has the exact same wall and IEC connectors developed for the SR25 made from Carbon Fiber and special Rhodium contacts selected in blind listening tests for their perfect sonic balance within the sound of the cable itself. Each SRX power cord comes with two carbon fiber UEF Tuning Modules specially voiced for the SRX so you can strike the perfect balance between detail and musicality for your system. To voice SRX to your system listen to the Gold (warm) and the Silver (detail) bullet and select the option that makes music in your system. Needless to say, this is the most holographic, lowest noise floor and dynamic and musical power cord in our line-up. This power cord is exceptionally well suited for use with our PowerCell 12SE line conditioner as just one SRX can improve the performance of your PowerCell and this improves every connected component in your system. 

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