Kemp Elektroniks QA PLUG (Quantum Approach)

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Excl. TAX: € 243.80 Incl. TAX: € 295.00

Quick Overview

  • Shunt device, no dynamic losses possible
  • Uses Quantum Resonance Theory (QRT)
  • Two circuits, (LF and HF) using separate power supplies
  • Adjustable intensity
  • WA-Quantum and Creaktiv Systems Chips internal
  • Potted in Akiko Audio Tuning mix (minirals) and a resin to prevent microphonic effects
  • Can be combined without any problems with any audio mains related products
  • Multiple QA PLUGS intensify the effect
  • Simple ‘plug & play’ installation


Enjoy richer, undisturbed and more realitic sound and vision

Truly new visions and products can only emerge by leaving the beaten track. For audio/video products this is definitely not the most common and easy way. Revolutionary technology rarely comes from the marketing department either. For us at KE this is the result from our deep knowledge, thorough development and the strong ambition to create unique products with an outstanding price/performance ratio.

The convincing proof that this approach can lead to some very remarkable products can be found in our QA PLUG and SR PLUG. Different and unusual for sure but by no means less effective. Just follow your eyes and ears. The improvement in sound and picture quality is impossible to miss.

The QA PLUG creates a precisely laid out spectrum of natural high- and low frequency electromagnetic waves which will encounter or even remove disturbing fields from our living environment. The intensity of the QA PLUG can be infinitely varied, depending on placement and your personal preferences. Using the QA PLUG takes no more action than to plug it in. Plug & play! The closer you place it to your set (eg in the power distributor) the more clearly the effect is. Multiple QA PLUGS, even in adjacent rooms, will enhance their effect.

The result is a clear enhancement of realism and harmonic structure, while you can nearly grab the performance. These enhancements cannot be laid down in figures easily, but will be clear to any pair of eyes and ears.

Last but not least both the QA PLUG and SR PLUG have a very interesting property; after a while of use, taking away the QA PLUG is even more clear than starting to use it. You will quite immediately notice "something is missing". We can promise you, you'll replace the QA PLUG within minutes.

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Kemp Elektroniks Quantum Approach Plug, another Black Box? by Dave

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Great! Review by A customer from Denmark
I took the plugs to a friend who has a very good HiEnd system. It was incredible how big the improvement was with only three or four QA plugs in all the corners and just one SR plug in between his speakers. He just couldn't believe it, we sat down for maybe 3-4 hours and just listened. Great! (Posted on 8/5/2013)
I experience it just as hallucinating as with drugs! Review by Matthew from Singapore
More natural, involving, dynamic, taut, and a wider sound scape. Every aspect you may listen to will be better with this QA-plug. I experience it just as hallucinating as with drugs! (Posted on 8/5/2013)
Blu ray is just jaw dropping video and audio. Review by Tom from the UK
Just would like to thank you for your Amazing QA plug have now 2 of them in my system and they brought spectacular results in my custom build hi-end System. Blu ray is just jaw dropping video and audio.
QA plug is not a tweak it is indispensable part of my system everyone who love music and movies should have one at least :-) (Posted on 8/5/2013)
...a more liquid and effortless reproduction of music. Review by Jan Karssen from the Netherlands (translated by JvP)
Expecting nothing in particular, I was given the opportunity to try the Kemp QA Plug in several audio systems. The Plug invariably managed to eliminate traces of restlessness from mediocre or musically complex recordings. Besides, I was pleasantly surprised by a bigger and deeper soundstage. The added value of the Plug is above all a more liquid and effortless reproduction of music. (Posted on 8/5/2013)
... the QA-Plug does a better job than the Qv2 Plug. Review by A customer who prefers to be anonymous (translated by JvP)
In my system the QA-Plug yields a more convincing musical experience;clearly, the midrange benefits most. Especially vocals sound more full bodied and stick less to the loudspeaker; the body of a guitar gets an extra dimension resulting in a more lifelike sound. In fact a modest price when compared to a much more costly interlink which would have to cost ten times as much as this QA-Plug! All things considered, a most remarkable magical box indeed.
I compared the QA-Plug to the Qv2 Plug form NordOst; regarding the latter I noticed less accuracy and detail and more coloration of the sound especially in the midrange as a result of which depth of soundstage was less promiment than with the QA-Plug in place (I also notices this at the dealer’s). Also, I very much like the QA-Plug being adjustable, where the Qv2 Plug is not. Looking at my plasma flatscreen I notice that the QA-Plug does a better job than the Qv2 Plug, above all with respect to image depth. (Posted on 8/5/2013)
Clearly less elektronic artifact in the sound. Review by Dealer, Jan Hass/HiFi Analyse from Denmark
The QA and SNS ac plugs I bought from you works very well in our demo system. Better clarity, better definition and more details. Clearly less elektronic artifact in the sound. (Posted on 8/5/2013)
... the Plug now sounds twice as good! Review by Sjaak van der Spek from Alblasserdam, the Netherlands (translated by JvP)
I have had a QA-Plug in my system for many years and I’ve always been very satisfied with it … until I read on this website that this Plug can distinguish between polarity of the mains! And yes, the Plug turned out the be positioned the wrong way. I turned the Plug around and a world was opened up for me; the Plug now sounds twice as good! BTW, my SR-Plug’s position was correct from the beginning. (Posted on 8/5/2013)
What more can one wish for... Review by Robert Mastenbroek from Schipluiden, the Netherlands (translated by JvP)
A set of Plugs from Kemp Elektroniks (SNS, QA en SR) managed to turn a mid-priced Panasonic system including a digital amplifier from “seldomly used”into “always on”, evoking goosebumps and even the occasional teardrop on a regular basis. What more can one wish for... (Posted on 8/5/2013)
a real bargain! Review by Raymond vd Bilt from Haarlem, the Netherlands (translated by JvP)
TERRIFIC! Nothing but acclaim! Before, I tested a Quantum QX2 from NordOst and this device surely did some good things, but the sound also was rather bleached and analytical (in the negative sense of the word). The Quantum Approach Plug on the other hand, is musical ànd analytical( but now in the positive sense of the word). And the price is so much less: a real bargain! (Posted on 8/5/2013)
...the dynamics haven't been dampened a bit!! Review by Wymun from Singapore
I must say, that having just tried the SNS and QA plugs on my setup,they have made a noticeable difference in my system! Much more analogue sounding, with much better layering and separation. Also, more importantly, the dynamics haven't been dampened a bit!! (Posted on 8/5/2013)
I bought four of them! Review by Dhr. de Jong from Zevenhuizen/the Netherlands (translated by JvP)
Having used the QA-Plug for about a decade now, I was curious of the exclusive Quantum device from NordOst which gave an impression of credibility. However, I preferred the QA-Plug from Kemp. My dealer pointed out that the QA-Plug had been upgraded in the meantime, the new version allowing the listener to adjust its strength. This new QA-Plug clearly outperforms the original one! I bought four of them! Two are positioned at the front and two at the back of my listening room, giving the sound from my multichannel system much more realism and sense of space. (Posted on 8/5/2013)
I'm very happy with the QA plug. Review by Khat from Japan
As impressive a performance as I've heard with the QA plug. The image height and depth were impeccable and yes the QA plug do move an impressive amount of details, air and dynamics. I'm very happy with the QA plug. Do yourself a favor to obtain the QA plug. (Posted on 8/5/2013)
...very, very musical. Review by Alan M. Kafton from Phoenix (USA)
The increased detail (from full output) of the QA was not exaggerated, but to my ear a bit too much of a good thing. I then suggested we turn the output down a bit (to approx. 75%). Here the QA was near-perfect....tons of micro-detail, spaciousness, and venue information, but very, very musical. (Posted on 8/5/2013)
I damn love it. Review by Ivan Benja from Milan (Italy)
I feel very happy with “my” sound: wide, deep, open, transparent, tidy, rich, dynamic. I can hardly imagine anything better downside a 5 figure high-end exotic monsters. At least - until this weekend.
*Step 1: turned potentiometer down to zero, plugged SR and here-we-go. I’ve chosen Hail-the I Dub compilation: a heavenly production, clean, clear and tidy.
*Step 2: turn clockwise to 9 o’clock. Apart slightly deeper bass (illusion?) I did not notice audible differences.
*Step 3: potentiometer turned to 11 o’clock. Wow! Bang! The bass got “edge”, the soundstage depth becomes deeper, higher, wider, naturally balanced with whole lotta “black space” between instruments. Almost holographic. Voices placed in front of drums (as it should be), colour and tidiness of voice to die for.
*Step 4: potentiometer turned from 1 o’clock to max. Too much of a good thing equals nogood.
*Back to 11 o’clock – back to heaven. The sound reminded me to the “deep listening” sessions after bong (ab)use when I was young(er).
*The last step: SR Plug switched of. The sound I’ve thought was fine. seemed - wall of sound! Plugged again. I will never unplug it again. I damn love it. (Posted on 8/5/2013)
I’m completely satisfied. Review by A customer who prefers to be anonymous (source Netherlands (translated by JvP)
An audible improvement, mitigating edginess (distortion); there is more quietness and beauty over the complete frequency range. This component does filter pollution from the mains; it really works! I’m completely satisfied.
Rating: ***** [5 out of 5 Stars!] (Posted on 8/5/2013)
... dramatic improvement to the sound. Review by Some responses from one of our US dealers; Highend-electronics
Wow. Immediately connected to my Exact Power distributor I can distinguished the dramatic improvement to the sound. Wide spacious soundstage with good timber in the instruments. Best outcome is still at 11 o'clock settings and it really sound much better after 30 minutes of running in.... (Posted on 8/5/2013)

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