HiFi-Tuning Supreme³ Copper Fuse 10x38 mm

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Looking for a 230 Volt fuse ! Review by Nick
Dear audiophiles,
I was looking for an audiophile 230V fuse for my fuse box in my house (separate a/v circuit).
I installed one of the first HiFi-Tuning Ultimate² Fuse 10x38 mm in my system. After installing I was surprised what that fuse can do.
Two years later I had a switch to the De Groef Audio flat wire fuse. Still it was an improvement over the Ultimate². Reason that I can imagine is that the (flat)wire is fast cooling down and makes the current less disturbed…
Take notice of the direction of the fuses (no hocus pocus) . Try it out and give yourself some time to judge. What I do is take out the rod (tube) for the neutral and take instead the same fuse as for the phase. Take caution if something goes wrong the phase could be still active.
Now, since a few weeks ago I installed the HiFi-Tuning Supreme³ Silver/Copper Fuse 10x38 mm. Don't forget or let me say that the Ultimate is an enormous difference against the standard circuit breakers but the Supreme³ , OMG.
Right after installing the Supreme³ I noticed in my way, the colors of my 4K TV. Black is blacker. I thought the previous fuse was the end of fusing the 230V circuit.
You can’t imagine what that fuse does with current. My TV, let say my music, all of it is upgraded with a whole new way of experience A/V. Music is more natural, bass was ok and now even more controlled. Specially the mid/high's are more uncolored and noticed much much less hardness. Everything is flowing, what makes it more comfortable to listen- and watch to. Less annoying resulting in relaxation.
Remark : all fuses are T20A, you still have you're differential switch.
That's maybe my next step what Kemp Elektroniks is offering when some day (year) the budget is available.
Thanks and enjoy the A/V experience.
(Posted on 6/16/2020)

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