Synergistic Research Purple Fuses 5x20 & 6.3x32 mm

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Purple Clarity Review by Rudolf R. Ploeger from
Did not yet try out reversing the SR fuses in its holder. Just too busy enjoying the Purple.. Went from Orange to Purple in the Concert ZL120FX and the Lampi GG-SE. And still have the Orange in the Aries Cerat Incito S. As usual a mix and match is very nice. There is more clarity overall with the Purple, it is like opening up the aperture on the camera lens, it is the same subject, same composition, just more natural light coming in.. Cannot possibly imagine how they achieve this at Synergistic USA. If any item or upgrade makes you want to listen all the time it is truly special. SR Purple is a little big item. (Posted on 7/21/2022)
Incredible Improvement Review by Ronny
Thank You for offering such a nice deal of buying 2 fuses and getting 1 for free too. These fuses have replaced the stock fuses of my PS Audio Direct Stream Power Plant 12, the pair of ME Geithain RL901K and a linear power supply (built by Dr. G. Volk, Germany) of my LINN G-ADS 3 Katalyst (tuned by Dr. G. Volk, Germany). The improvements in voices, instruments and stage make them a real bargain. (Posted on 4/18/2022)
super tweak! Review by Ron
I never believed in fuse stories, but because serious tweakers like Kemp has been promoting them for over 10 years they convinced me. I can put up a long hosanna story about how great the result is, but I prefer to just advise you: DO IT! Everything gets better. (Posted on 3/11/2022)
Purpel erster Vergleich Review by Andreas
Ich habe in meinen PSAudio P10 Perfectwave die bereits sehr gute Hifituning Supreme Silber/Gold ersetzt. Die Purple klingt von der Klangfarbe ähnlicher wie die Suprem S/G. Tolle Auflösung, Details, Basskontrolle . Die SR purple macht nur alles das richtig und ergänzt was bei der Hifituning kritisch betrachtet noch fehlte. Noch mehr Dynamik die erschrecken kann, Instrumente klingen noch realistischer. Gerade Blassinstrumente, Seiteninstrumente und Schlagzeug profitieren von der zusätzlichen Dynamik. Das Timbre ist großartig. Microdetails sind ausgeprägter und es klingt alles sehr echt und realistisch.
(Posted on 12/30/2021)
Purple versus Orange Fuses Review by John van Polen
Recently, I upgraded from SR Orange to SR Purple in my amplifiers (Classé CP-700 en CA-2300). The Purple is not a somewhat better Orange: it is distinctly different. The Orange yields an easy-going, warm-musical sound; the Purple is more about dynamics and precision. The noisefloor is even lower relative to the Orange; the sound becomes very clean indeed. Fast passages in a piece of music sound effortless. Far more musical relevant information can be heard. In short, the Purple is in a different league. However, the Purple is not for those intending to “soften” their sound somewhat. The Purple needs quite long breaking in; at first, the sound may appear somewhat "over the top" and slightly edgy. This will disappear completely. Orientation of the fuse is important: turn it around and you will know the correct one. (Posted on 12/3/2021)

5 Item(s)

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