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Synergistic Research  | Master Fuses | 5x20 & 6.3x32 mm

Synergistic Research | Master Fuses | 5x20 & 6.3x32 mm

Product Review (submitted on March 19, 2023):
My system (Emitter II exclusive, Avantgarde Acoustic Primo, T + A MP 3100 HV) is fully tuned with SR products ( Power cell SX, Ground block Galileo SX, orange and purple fuses, GTCs and ECTs throughout the components, XOTs at the speakers and FEQ Carbon with Tuning Module)

Each tuning step down the road improved the sound of my system to a much higher level in total and I only can recommend to everybody who has a higher up system to go this way, when you rally what to hear what your system is capable of.

My last step was to install one Master Fuse in my T + A MP 3100. The streamer needs two (the second one is on its way) I am amazed what only this one fuse did to the sound already and the fuse is only one day in my system.
Every aspect of the sound ( clarity, details, dynamics, soundstage, bass, mid and high frequencies) got pushed to a totally different level and now really brings the maximum out of every single tuning step as well shows the full capabilities these high level components in my system have hidden so far.

The sound was never so crystal clear with soo much air around and absolutely nothing stands anymore between the speaker and you in your listening position.

It seems like this Master Fuse is just putting everything together and can only highly recommend to test one!