Kemp Elektroniks SNS PLUG (Shunt Noise Suppressor)

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Excl. TAX: € 161.16 Incl. TAX: € 195.00

Quick Overview

  • Shunt filter, no dynamic restriction possible
  • Suppresses mains pollution
  • Super fast reaction speed covering an ultra-wide frequency range, up to almost 1 Gigahertz
  • Lowers the line impedance
  • 7 stages provide the best performance
  • 3-way over voltage and surge protector
  • Incorporates Creaktiv Systems chips and ci2p treatment
  • Potted in gems plus minerals and a resin to prevent microphonic effects
  • Can be combined with ALL other audio mains related products without any problem
  • Multiple SNS PLUGS intensify the effect
  • Easy 'plug and play' installation


The most effective shunt conditioner

We are surrounded by electrical appliances more and more. Computers, peripheral equipment, wireless telephones, chargers, TV sets, games consoles, microwave ovens, dishwashers etc. are common in most modern houses. All these appliances pollute the mains with noise and distortion. This pollution has a very strong - and highly underestimated - negative effect on the sound and picture quality of any audio/video system.

The SHUNT NOISE SUPRESSOR PLUG has become a classic and still a unique product on the market. It is the easiest and most effective way to reduce mains pollution. In a very simple and affordable way, a cleaner and thus better mains power is provided for your A/V set. All components benefit from this immediately. The result is a clearly improved reproduction in all aspects.

Plug and Play, it can't be easier

It can simply be plugged into any outlet. The closer to your A/V set (preferably into the power strip), the stronger the effect. Multiple SNS PLUGS will result in a stronger effect, even when used in other outlets in the same room or anywhere else in your house. Also the meter cupboard (the source of your electricity) is a recommended placement.

Originally, our SHUNT NOISE SUPPRESSOR was designed for our advanced POWER SOURCE and is also used in our POWER DC X-TERMINATOR and the POWER STRIPS. The design turned out to be so good that we decided to turn this module into a plug. The SNS PLUG has been one of our most successful products since many years, with thousands of satisfied customers!
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Test Tweak SR, SNS and QA Plug by Kurt Lassen@Fidelity Magazine
Kemp Elektroniks-SNS PLUG@HI-FI WORLD

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Belle amélioration avec le SNS Plug Review by Hubert
Je dois dire que le SNS Plug m a apporté une belle amélioration une fois branché sur mon filtre secteur Isotek ! Ce n est pas un changement mais bel et bien une amélioration et pas des moindres ! Un net gain en dynamique, l aigu est bien meilleur, les duretés qui étaient auparavant désagréables ont disparu, le medium est plus fluide et... le grave est maintenant phénoménal avec plus de profondeur, de nuance, de tenue...
Un net gain en naturel et surtout plus de plaisir à l écoute de la musique.
J avoue être très surpris du résultat et je ne peux plus revenir en arrière désormais. L écoute sans le SNS Plug est pour moi impensable.
Ces résultats valent pour mon système, cela va de soi. Je pense qu en fonction de la qualité du courant arrivant chez vous le gain en musicalité sera plus ou moins marqué mais malgré tout bien présent. Un ami étant présent lors du premier essai du SNS Plug, celui ci ma demandé un essai chez lui vu l amélioration chez moi.
Je vais maintenant me tourner vers le QA Plug...
Merci Kemp Elektronik pour ce superbe et étonnant produit.

Google Translate: I must say that the SNS Plug m brought a nice improvement when plugged into my Isotek mains filter! It is not a change but indeed an improvement and not least! A net gain in dynamics, the treble is much better, the hardness which was previously unpleasant has disappeared, the medium is more fluid and ... the bass is now phenomenal with more depth, nuance, hold ...
A net gain in naturalness and above all more pleasure in listening to music.
I admit to being very surprised by the result and I can't go back anymore. Listening without the SNS Plug is unthinkable for me.
These results apply to my system, that goes without saying. I think that depending on the quality of the current arriving at your home the gain in musicality will be more or less marked but still very present. A friend being present during the first try of the SNS Plug, this one asked me to try it with him given the improvement in me.
I will now turn to the QA Plug ...
Thank you Kemp Elektronik for this superb and amazing product. (Posted on 11/24/2019)
Clearly less elektronic artifact in the sound. Review by Dealer, Jan Hass/HiFi Analyse from Denmark
The SNS and QA ac plugs I bought from you works very well in our demo system. Better clarity, better definition and more details. Clearly less elektronic artifact in the sound. (Posted on 8/5/2013)
What more can one wish for... Review by Robert Mastenbroek from Schipluiden, the Netherlands (translated by JvP)
A set of Plugs from Kemp Elektroniks (SNS, QA en SR) managed to turn a mid-priced Panasonic system including a digital amplifier from “seldomly used”into “always on”, evoking goosebumps and even the occasional teardrop on a regular basis. What more can one wish for... (Posted on 8/5/2013)
... the dynamics haven't been dampened a bit!! Review by Wymun from Singapore
I must say, that having just tried the SNS and QA plugs on my setup,they have made a noticeable difference in my system! Much more analogue sounding, with much better layering and separation. Also, more importantly, the dynamics haven't been dampened a bit!! (Posted on 8/5/2013)
An all round recommendation... Review by HiFi Reporter, Kilian Bakker from the Netherlands
... the last plug on the test bench was the most recent version of the Kemp SNS plug; it was plugged in and unplugged again ... really, this one remains our favorite upgrade for the mains: a richer sound, better musical expression, simply more music. An all round recommendation, which is a judgement I expressed in two previous publications and to which I will adhere. (Posted on 8/5/2013)
I got rid of that nasty switching click from the fluorescent tube... Review by Dhr. Jansen from Groningen, the Netherlands (translated by JvP)
Using the SNS-Plug, I got rid of that nasty switching click from the fluorescent tube in the kitchen at last. Soundwise, I hardly notice the difference (if at all), but hey, I am not an audiophile. (Posted on 8/5/2013)
...a realistic sound... Review by Karel from Zaanstad, the Netherlands (translated by JvP)
The SNS-Plug gave the phrase “a realistic sound” a deeper meaning. After plugging in, I immediately realised I took a giant leap in my quest for the absolute sound. (Posted on 8/5/2013)
The best audio accessory I ever bought.... Review by Rens Hoevenaers from Den Haag, the Netherlands (translated by JvP)
The best audio accessory I ever bought, and for such a nice price! I will waste no further words, my vocabulary on high end audio is limited, it just sounds more realistic! So: try the thing and enjoy! Mark my words: it will not return to the dealer! (Posted on 8/5/2013)
Do yourself a favor to obtain the SNS, QA and SR plugs. Review by Khat from Japan
As impressive a performance as I've heard with the SNS, QA and SR Plugs. The image height and depth were impeccable and yes those 3 plugs do move an impressive amount of details, air and dynamics. After spending over 50,000 USD with my speakers, amps and SCD player those 3 plugs from Kemp Electronics costing below 800 USD brought magic to my system. Do yourself a favor to obtain the SNS, QA and SR plugs. (Posted on 8/5/2013)
I clearly experience more calmness in the sound now... Review by Joop Snel from Hilversum, the Netherlands (translated by JvP)
After plugging in the SNS-Plug nearby my audio system, I felt the impact was just too strong. I started to experiment, plugging it in everywhere in the house, I read that a central heating system can pollute the mains and indeed, there it was, the best place for the SNS-Plug. Thinking again about causes of interference with the mains, I also placed one near my PC. I clearly experience more calmness in the sound now, without any coloration. (Posted on 8/5/2013)
Congratulations Kemp! Review by Dhr. Buringa from Suriname (translated by JvP)
Over here in Paramaribo, the mains is rather miserable. The nervous unrest in the sound has almost disappeared as a result of placing a SNS-Plug nearby the audio system. Before, I used a Noise Harvester; the LED light went off like in the disco, but the unrest simply stayed. Congratulations Kemp! (Posted on 8/5/2013)
...truly enhances the musical experience. Review by Teigertje from Duiven, the Netherlands (source BD-Design forum)
A week or two ago I bought a SNS plug from Bert. I've read a lot about the promised improving of details, better staging, tighter bass and enjoying music. I was a bit sceptical but, to be honest, it fullfilled all promisses! It's not just commercial blabla, but truly enhances the musical experience. And my wife, not knowing about the tweak, noticed it too! (Posted on 8/5/2013)

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