Stillpoints Ultra SS V2 Speaker & equipment feet

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Excl. TAX: € 247.93 Incl. TAX: € 300.00

Quick Overview

  • Lowers the noise floor mechanically
  • Constructed using a 4 tier ball-bearing system
  • 10 Ceramic balls incorporated
  • Can be used with Ultra Base
  • Available in stainless steel and black
  • Priced per piece
  • Weight 222 gram
  • Height 38-42.5 mm / 1.49-1.68 inch
  • Diameter foot 32-35 mm / 1.27-1.38 inch
  • Diameter Ultra Base 75 mm / 3 inch, thread 1/4"-20


Not an accessory - A Necessity!

Stillpoints high end isolation feet have been around for two decades now. These state-of-the-art resonance control devices embody technology that is unique to Stillpoints. Each foot incorporates one or more “technology pockets” which consist of balls in bearings that very effectively convert harmful vibrational energy from the audio component into a tiny amount of heat. The ceramic balls are housed in a stainless steel body that will last many lifetimes. Steel provides a superior path for evacuation of energy, but is much harder to machine to tight tolerances than aluminum or brass. Therefore Stillpoints cannot be cheap. The current models are Ultra Mini, Ultra SS, Ultra 5 and Ultra 6. After a very short break-in period, the Stillpoints filters will provide excellent performance forever without any change or degradation.

Stillpoints Ultra SS V2

Stillpoints Ultra SS (Stainless Steel) feet are an instant upgrade to any loudspeaker or component. These feet can be combined with the Ultra Base. Designed to be attached under gear and speakers, Ultra SS uses a four-tier ball-bearing filter with 10 ceramic balls to prevent any unwanted vibration from infecting components or speakers. Each device is height adjustable and will dramatically improve the sound you experience. Prepare to hear blacker backgrounds, enhanced instrumental separation, increased bloom, greater clarity, and finer resolution. The Thrill of Realism!


Stillpoints Ultra 5, Ultra SS, Ultra Mini and Ultra Base by Christiaan Punter @
The Ultras (both Minis and SS) are really dangerous: hear them once and you’ll be addicted. They are so effective that other such accessories, even products that are akin to the Stillpoints principle, such as Finite Elemente Ceraballs, pale by comparison. Such is the added agility, resolution and subtlety, that Ceraballs sound comparatively dark and dull. Of these two versions, ultimately, the Ultra SS is my favorite, for its more complete, fuller, more visceral sound and wider soundstage but the Ultra Mini comes remarkably close and given their relatively modest price it should definitely be on your short list.

Norm Luttbeg @
I have since gotten a total of 27 Ultra SSs. From the very beginning what you hear is greater clarity, detail, and speed. The music becomes effortless. The addition isolation to each component, however, becomes additive. When initially I got everything associated with vinyl isolated on the Ultras, I heard vinyl as I have never heard it before. Yes, it had additional clarity, detail, and speed, but the sound stage was high, wide, and deep and generally “real.” The sensation was unlike I have ever experienced in audio. I was hearing information that made it seem real, including accurate timbre to instruments, notably brass and drums, and also the sounds of the musician’s presence, including comments in symphonies between musicians.


Bruce Jacobs on Stillpoints Technology @
AXPONA 2015: Stillpoints @ EnjoytheMusic.TV
CES 2012 Stillpoints Audio Products @

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