Synergistic Research SX Active Ground Block

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€ 3.195,00

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€ 3.195,00

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  • Offers an active star ground upgrade for up to 32 applications
  • Pure copper 2 mm mini banana plug sockets bar
  • 3 Active UEF Ground Filters
  • 4th generation - Dual Channel - Internal ULF (Ultra-low frequency)
  • Quantum Tunneling: UEF Multi-stage
  • SR Quantum Capacitors
  • 1,000,000 Volt Quantum treatment
  • 99.995 % Pure Silver Ground Strap: 52 square cm
  • 1.5 m Foundation AC Power Cable included,
    friendly priced upgradeble with Atmosphere and Euphoria
  • Purple Fuse included
  • Comes with 4 pcs 1.2 m and 2 pieces 2.4 m standard ground leads for Atmosphere and Galileo cables
  • Aircraft aluminum chassis with carbon cover plate
  • Weight 2.5 kg / 5.5 lbs
  • Dimension 26.7x6.9x15.3 cm / 10.5x2.7x6 Inch


Sky high performance starts at ground

The new Active Ground Block SX is a technological trickle-down of Synergistic Research cost-no-object Galileo Active Ground Block plus new technologies that were not developed when they first engineered the Galileo Active Ground Block. First, they start with a Galileo-style chassis machined from a solid billet of aluminum plus carbon fiber to lower distortion related to mechanical vibration. Next, they developed a power supply with technology and lessons learned from their LPS or Linear Power Supply development program for the lowest noise floor of any Active Ground Block to date. They then dialed up the performance of their ULF bias of ground by introducing duel harmonics of the Schuman Resonance instead of just one with technology developed for our upcoming 2023 Galileo PowerCell.

SR also focused on making the new Active Ground Block SX more practical than the popular PowerCell SE by upping the number of ground points from 22 to 32. This means you can ground an additional ten components, cable shields, system racks, or anything in your system made from a conductive material to maximize system performance. Finally, audition the Active Ground Block SX in your system and discover why we say ultimate performance starts at ground level.

Synergistic Research Cables
Shields engaged


  • Synergistic Research Atmosphere and Galileo Cables -> Female Mini Banana "Plug"
  • Synergistic Research Tranquility Bases -> 4 mm Banana Plug
  • Synergistic Research Atmospheres -> 4 mm Banana Plug
  • Turntables -> Standard or Small Spade connect to ground post on turntable
  • Phono-stages -> Standard or Small Spade connect to ground post
  • Digital to Analog Converters (DACs) -> connect to spare digital input, output or chassis ground
  • Reel to Reel Tape -> connect to spare analog input, output or chassis ground
  • Pre-amplifiers -> connect to spare analog input, output or chassis ground
  • Power amplifiers -> connect to spare analog input, output or chassis ground.  Note:  Many power amplifiers will sound best without the ground engaged.  Try your power amp and speaker cables with and without the ground attached and choose what sounds best for your system.
  • USB devices -> connect to spare USB input, output or chassis ground
  • Audio computers -> 3.5 mm headphone jack
  • Any component with an active circuit inside -> connect to spare input, output or chassis ground

Synergistic Research Active Ground Block SX: Hear the Difference in A/B Comparison! by Ted Deney

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