Synergistic Research PowerCell 12 UEF Line Conditioner

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  • Input 32 Amps Neutrik Powercon connector
  • 12 TeslaPlex Outlets
  • 12 awg. Silver Matrix wiring
  • Shunt conditioner with UEF, ULF and 6 EM cells
  • 2 Isolated output banks, analog / digital isolation
  • Aircraft aluminum housing
  • 1.5 m special 10-gauge UEF Black High Current power cord included
  • Weight 8.6 kg / 19 lbs.
  • Dimensions 44.5x34x14 cm / 17.5x13.5x5.5 Inch


Power trip

The PowerCell 12 UEF brings your audio system to life by enabling your components to perform their best. With 12-gauge Silver Matrix wiring, TeslaPlex SE outlets, and utilizing the near super conductor properties of graphene throughout, the PowerCell 12 UEF delivers pure power in a non-current-limiting line conditioner. Generating absolutely no heat or noise, the PowerCell 12 UEF is perfect for all systems. And with two separate power banks, your PowerCell 12 UEF isolates the noise of digital components from delicate analog circuits in your system to recreate the musical event without the current limiting normally associated with traditional line conditioning. The PowerCell 12 UEF comes standard with our passive UEF Black 10-gauge power cable.

The PowerCell 12 UEF starts with a high carbon steel chassis treated with a UEF coating that blocks EM and RF interference and is designed to function as a superlative conduit for our new Ground Plane Technology.

Developed exclusively for the PowerCell 12 UEF, the ULF (Ultra Low Frequency) Field Generator connects directly to the PowerCell 12’s six Active EM Cells through a process of inductive coupling between the ULF signal, ground and AC. It’s designed to clean your electric power by re-clocking the AC with a rich, low-frequency harmonic that overrides noise and hash found in most common 50-60 cycle AC.

The new PowerCell 12 UEF AC line conditioner is the culmination of 10 years of research into electromagnetic cell design starting with the first EM Cell prototype in 2007. EM Cells act to condition alternating current through the inductive coupling of differential EM fields and AC for an AC power conditioner that is entirely non-current limiting. The electromagnetic cells in your PowerCell 12 UEF SE operate in ways similar to a hydrogen cell, hence the name PowerCell, however, instead of a chemical reaction, an inductive coupling takes place between the plates. The effect of this reaction drastically reduces reactive capacitance in the AC signal transfer, preventing phase anomalies with a total absence of noise on the AC line.

The six Electromagnetic Cells provide two stages of filtration: one large 640 cm² “flat” cell covering all 12 outlets, and five 819 cm² ”folded” cells shielded and housed in carbon fiber cylinders. Four of the folded cells cover the outlets (or 2 cells each per three duplexes). The fifth folded cell covers the current’s ground plane system-wide. This new configuration makes it possible for the PowerCell 12 UEF SE to provide twice the filtration area of the outgoing PowerCell 10 UEF.

Altering the shape of the EM cells changes their inductance properties and thus their sound quality. Flat EM cells subjectively increase sound-staging air and liquidity while folded EM cells enhance detail, dynamics, and focus. Using both types of cells in unison gives your system the best attributes of both folded and flat EM Cells.

Further, the EM Cells now contain graphene, a new highly conductive wonder material that consists of a single layer of pure carbon only a single atom thick. One of the many reasons that graphene is so exciting is that it is almost a superconductor at room temperature. Superconductors are materials that can conduct electricity with almost no resistance when cooled to extremely low temperatures ranging from near absolute zero (-459.67°F or -273.15°C) to the temperature of liquid nitrogen (-140.8°F or -96°C). What makes graphene so remarkable is that it can do this at room temperature.

2nd Generation TeslaPlex SE AC power receptacles enable your components to receive all the pure, clean, non-current limiting power that the PowerCell UEF has to deliver.

The highly conductive 62 cm² 99.995% pure silver Ground Strap is UEF treated and features graphene for ground filtration borrowed from our award-winning SR Ground Block. In fact this pure silver Ground Strap is attached to each of the six SR Black AC outlet to star ground your entire system when components are plugged into the PowerCell 12 UEF. Star grounding with UEF Filtration reduces series inductance in the ground path for a noticeable improvement in sound quality over traditional grounding options.

The term “ground” refers to a connection to the Earth which acts as a reservoir charge. The highly conductive pure silver Ground Strap provides a conductive path for ground separate from the normal current-carrying path of your components which under certain conditions can add up to 10 dB of noise. The ground path with the least resistance is the best path to Earth and there is no better ground path than the PowerCell 12 UEF’s pure silver Ground Strap.

The making of and working principle of the Synergistic Research PowerCell UEF

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