Synergistic Research SRX Phono Cables

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Excl. TAX: € 8,177.69 Incl. TAX: € 9,895.00

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  • UEF Matrix Shield with Graphene
  • State-of-the-Art SR20 RCA's and XLR plugs
  • RCA (unbalanced) and XLR (balanced) versions
  • Isolated UEF Geometries
  • UEF Ground Plane
  • High Definition turntable ground leads with spades
  • Gold and Silver Tuning Bullets included
  • Wires and caps available in 3 different color combinations
  • 8 Hours hand build time
  • Standard length 1.25 m


Spin Your Way To Heaven

SRX Phono is the last link in the SRX Cable Loom, and it may just be the most powerful. The geometry starts with separate pure silver Air Strings running in parallel with an engineered EM coupling between conductors, as this proved necessary for the electrical requirements of phono cartridges. Then, SRX Carbon Fiber Spacers were added to break EM coupling strategically, this helped deliver the same ultra-low noise floor as all other SRX cables. At first, experiments with a 100% exploded geometry as found in SRX interconnects and speaker cables were carried out, but this proved incompatible with many low output cartridges. So, a closely spaced geometry similar to Galileo was built, but this proved incapable of significantly exceeding the Galileo SX Phono’s sonic signature. It was not until a coupled and decoupled geometry with SRX Conditioning and a new UEF compound was combined, that a cable which dramatically improved on the prior reference was realised.

The total result of all of this is a lower noise floor, greater separation of images in the sound field, a significant increase in soundstage scale, and improved low-frequency dynamics with tighter bass control. In addition, high frequencies extend more effortlessly and with enhanced musicality making the prior reference sound somewhat compressed in direct comparison. As a result, SRX Phono may be the single highest-performance cable Synergistic Research has ever built. It should be on the radar of any analog lover seeking the absolute highest performance. Available for a no-risk in-home audition from your participating SR dealer or international distributor.

SRX Cables come standard with the most potent and musical UEF Tuning Bullets in the company's 30-year history and work 100% outside the signal path. Both Gold and Silver bullets are handcrafted in the Southern California Factory from carbon fiber and aircraft aluminum with the Gold option plated in 24k Gold not only for aesthetic beauty but also to help voice the bullet to its intended role as the most musical option for specific systems. To use SRX Carbon Fiber Tuning Modules, allow your SRX cables to settle into your system for 48-72 hours, and then experiment with your two options on a cable by cable basis. Start by inserting a Gold Bullet and then compare to the Silver option and select the variant that makes music in your system. Gold Bullets have a warm and liquid balance that is also more open and transparent than the other warm-biased tuning bullets. While Silver is more extended and detailed but the option that will work best and sound neutral is totally system dependent. If you voice your SRX cables one pair at a time, you will find one color that works best in most applications, plus a few that perform better with the alternate option. This process is how you will get the best from both Gold and Silver bullets when arriving at a bespoke cable loom voiced for your unique system.

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