Synergistic Research SRX series Interconnects RCA&XLR

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Excl. TAX: € 11,814.05 Incl. TAX: € 14,295.00

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Demo cables available!

  • SRX Tuning Modules Silver and Gold
  • SRX Carbon Fiber Tuning Modules
  • SR Long Duration High Voltage Conditioning
  • UEF Ground Plane with mini-Bananas
  • Quantum Tunneling
  • 5 Day / 3 Step burn in proces
  • Standard length 1 m / 3.3 ft
    other lengths upon request


SRX interconnects utilize an exploded geometry comprised of 8 x Silver Air Strings per RCA and 12 x Silver Air Strings per XLR pair. Each Air String is hand-made in our California factory from 99.9999% pure silver in an air dielectric with a UEF grid running the cable’s length to lower the noise floor and expand the sound field. Dissecting each cable’s middle is a 14 gauge Silver Matrix solid core Ground Plane that connects directly to the AC ground with a supplied ground plug. For a lower noise floor, connect the Ground Plane to an Active SR Ground Block.

All Air Strings and the Ground Plane are run through carbon fiber discs to maintain separation between conductors for lower capacitance and cross-talk between cables. Voicing the cables to your system is made easy with supplied Gold and Silver SRX Carbon Fibre UEF filters. Gold will deliver a warmer and more liquid sound, while silver has increased air and focus. You decide between Gold and Silver Tuning Circuits one component at a time by listening to your two options. After discovering which option sounds best, progress to the next set of interconnects until all options have been exhausted for a bespoke system match.

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