Telos Audio Design Mini Quantum Resonator

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Excl. TAX: € 409.09 Incl. TAX: € 495.00

Quick Overview

  • Shunt device, no dynamic suppression possible
  • Uses Telos Quantum Noise Resonator (QNR) Technology
  • Has 70 % of effectiveness from QNR
  • Run in using QBT0-100 kHz technology
  • Built using gold, platinum and palladium
  • 36 Hours of -196° C cryogen treatment
  • PCB exposed to 280 cpm far infrared emission
  • Weight 252 g
  • Dimensions 105x40 mm (excluding pins)


Based on the technology from Telos Audio Design the QNR (Quantum Noise Resonator). The components were rearranged and optimized to produce an active phase compensation circuit that fits into a 5 cm by 2.5 cm PCB. This board is cryogen treated. From the in-house engineers testing to their early beta testers evaluation, they were able to conclude that the effectiveness of Mini Q is close to 70 % of QNR.

This is the very first time a circuit design which is a combination of resonance and noise and transform into light! The Internal quantum modules is combined with eight resonate channel and a core processor, the engineer detect the power outlet wave type by internal IC, and generates instant synchronous phase distortion compensation which is made for the beautification waveform through precise resonance and reduce phase distortion.

Based on the noise and surges with energy conversion circuit design, it manufactures the difference of noise above 1 KHz and make it fall into light energy.

Thus a whole new audio processing technology QNR has been released, The actual listening experience to the sound system make more sense and focus on, more precise audio clarity, the whole background is black and silence, music is enhanced with more charm and smoothness.

The Mini Q's top cover is plated with Palladium, which has a sweet timber quality refinement, and smooth tonal texture.

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