Vortex HiFi Nano Diamant Contact Oil

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Quick Overview

  • Contains Power Imagination informed carbon structures
  • Improves the performance of interlinks, power cords and speaker cables
  • Easy to apply using the brush supplied
  • Contacts treated will stay maintenance free for one year
  • Comes in a 2 ml bottle, enough for hundreds of treatments


A serious solution to all contact problems

The problem:
Only when contacting each other directly, electrons can flow from one contact to another. Especially with the small signals we encounter in audio/video. Looking at these contacts through a microscope however, reveals a crater like landscape, leaving just a few spots at which the contact are really pressing against each other, as can be seen in the figure below.

Plug and terminal contacts
Since many years, "better" connectors with prices of 100 Euros or even more have been available, in an effort to establish better contacts. This effort is doomed to fail however, because both contact surfaces should have the same, better properties for this to work. Unfortunately, even in equipment costing several thousand Euros, very simple terminals have been used...


Better fuses have been available since a while, and although extensive listening tests revealed they actually do what is promised, the effect would be even greater if better fuse holders with an equal quality would have been used. This is not the case in most equipment, fuse holders are most often of very cheap, ferro material based quality.

Switch mode power supplies and wall wart power supplies
Many HiFi equipment, especially the computer related ones, have wall wart power supplies that are in fact switch mode power supplies. Mains plugs are most often cheap, flat 2 pin euro style ones. With LED- and fluorescent lights also, contacts are made the cheapest possible way, causing frequencies up to several megahertz being injected into the mains.

All these connectors (especially computers ones) have in common, they will create electrosmog, thus ruining your audio/video experience.

The solution
The new Nano Diamant Contact Oil tackles these problems in two different ways. The P.I. (Power Imagination) informed contact oil contains nano diamonds. These are electrically conducting structures of nanometer size, consisting of carbon, forming a diamond structure. These nano diamonds settle in the microscopic small irregularities and improve the possibility for the electrons to jump from one contact to the other. (grey in figure below). As a second effect, the Nano Diamant Contact oil in the gaps prevents pollution (green in figure below).

Applied very thin to both contacts, the Nano Diamant Contact Oil will have an electrically "melting-together" effect on the contacts. For the maximum result we advise you to treat ALL contacts in your house.

The results are a more dynamic, realistic and harmonic musical experience.

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