Vortex HiFi Nano Shield USB-A Plug

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Outside EU (Excl. TAX): € 40.50 Incl. TAX: € 49.00

Quick Overview

  • Meant to terminate unused USB A ports
  • Plug and play
  • Sphere of obsidian inside
  • Nanoparticles coated shielding material, potted in vacuum
  • Ground free nano shielding; 85 dB @ 40 GHz
  • Also available in P.I. (Power Informed) and Diamant version


More and more equipment today has one or more USB A ports. Especially the output parts emit a large amount of electrosmog, as the square signal it works with, has many harmonics. The Vortex Nano Shield USB A Plug was especially designed to eliminate this problem.

As an added feature, the A.I.O. double action feature helps to destress your body.

This plug is also available in a P.I. (Power Imagination) version. This version adresses problems in cybernetics, which prevent the full enjoyment of music. The P.I. version fully enables you to hear your music near life-like.

Applications include A/V receivers, streamers, NAS, settop-boxes, network players, televisions, computers, routers etc.

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