WA-Quantum Resistor Chip 10x10 mm

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This chip is especially meant for resistors. It can be used to improve the performance of any resistor, even in power supplies. If found too large, you may cut it as needed. Smaller, round resistors may be taken care of by these chips when you add a piece of heat shrinkable tube, preventing the chip from falling off. Take care for resistors which become extremely hot, the chip may loose its adhesive properties.


Hard to believe, easy to hear

The German based WA-Quantum is a manufacturer of high technology products. Among their products is a line of bioenergetic 'chips', which they programmed to improve the efficiency of current flow and signal transmission in all audio and video devices. Special chips are available for loudspeakers, hifi units, cables, fuses, transformers, batteries, capacitors, resistors, semiconductors, power applications, turntables and even musical instruments (acoustic as well as electrical) and mobile devices. A small number of chips is sufficient to transform your system and bring it to a higher performance level!

In each case the chip is mounted on an adhesive backing which can be attached to the device. The chips are programmed for their specified applications.

  • Improves all audio/video components
  • Easy to apply, in less than a minute
  • Great benefits for a small investment
  • Available for 12 dedicated appliances

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