Gabriel-Tech WiFi Chip GDM45SI40

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While DECT phones are most dangerous to your health, WiFi comes as a second in the ranking because it transmits harmful radiation 24 hours a day. The GDM45SI40 has been specifically designed for (wireless) WiFi routers and notebooks with WLAN, as well as internet through the mains (DLAN). With routers: stick the chip to the casing, preferrably close to the power input. With notebooks: stick the chip to the center of the bottom. To treat a DLAN system, one chip is needed on each device: one at the source (router) and one at the destination (computer). If you own a "smart" meter, we strongly advise you to attach this chip to your meter. The dimensions are 40x26x0.8 mm / 1.57x1.02x0.03 inch.

Note that this chip won't affect the range your WiFi device is able to cover.


An innovative solution to reduce the harmful effects of electrosmog

Mobile and DECT phones, wireless internet, electrical circuits, electrical appliances, computers etc. create so called technical fields. These electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields run into each other and will create even more new fields this way, resulting ina "cocktail". In addition, this cocktail from artificially generated fields meets the natural earth's magnetic field, thus creating an even more complex cocktail. This total mix of mutual influences constitutes the so called electrosmog.

From physics, we infer a basic understanding of the phenomenon of colliding cold en warm flows of air creating strong winds or even a thunderstorm. Similar phenomena are present in the technical fields in your environment.

Gabriel Chips will rearrange these technical fields, minimizing their impact. Specific chips are available to minimize the harmful effects of your GSM, smartphone, DECT, WiFi, Bluetooth, computer and monitor. Even the house fuse unit, the central heating system and your bed can be treated. Your entire living and working space can be delt with this way. Your car will become a nicer place to be when specific chips are put in place. A space with these chips adequately distributed will create a better sense of well being in general.

  • Wide range of chips for many specific applications
  • Treatment of your living and working space
  • Gabriel-Object-Beratung (measurement service) verifiably shows the results
  • ISO, TÜV and CE certified
  • 14 day money back guarantee

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