Combi chip set
Smart Meter

Excl. TAX  90.91
Incl. 21 % TAX  110.00

Smart meter, stupid people?!
In case you still have the possibility to refuse the installation of a “smart” meter, this is the best option. If you already own a “smart” meter, have it replaced by a standard meter. (As far as we know, they are obliged to that in every country by request).
If all the above options fail, Gabriel-Tech offers the best counter-measures to harmonize your “smart” meter. This special set is particularly meant to harmonize “smart” meters and has been combined by measurements and experience.
This set offers a good solution for electro sensitive people and audio/video enthusiasts alike. It thoroughly harmonizes your “smart” meter, so the radiation from it will be less harmful.
The set contains a GDL90 and GDM45SI40 Chip.
You safe 25 Euro with this combi set!